Benjamin Humphris

Founder of Results Based Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
Educator & Mentor

Operating from: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Ben Humphris - Founder and Head Physio at Results Based Physio

Ben is the founder and Head Physiotherapist at Results Based Physiotherapy (RBP) in Melbourne (VIC) Australia.

Ben combines traditional Physiotherapy practices, with Remedial (manual therapy) practices, and Strength and Conditioning Rehabilitation practices. His accurate injury diagnostic ability, combined with many manual therapy techniques, such as fire cupping and dry needling, and tailored strength and rehabilitation exercise programming not only leaves the client with immediate effect on their pain and dysfunction, but also a comprehensive plan to address the presenting issue/s.

He understands that Physiotherapy is not only about exercise, it is about providing an amazing service that leaves the client feeling great, confident, and in control of their body.

  • Fire Cupping Trained
  • Dry Needling Certified
  • Deep Tissue Massage Trained
  • Strength and Conditioning Trained
  • Scraping / Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue massage (IASTM) Trained
  • Rigid Tape and Kinesio Tape Certified
  • Spinal (Lumbar, Thoracic) and
  • Extremity Adjustment Trained
  • Strength and Conditioning Trained
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Trained

Ben designs each client Strength and Conditioning Rehabilitation programs to recondition their body to not only strengthen and support the damaged tissue, but to also move towards injury prevention. These programs can be designed for a beginner, or expert, and across all sports and settings (gym, home, etc). The programs are designed to take the client (you) from where you are at currently, to performing competently, safely and optimally in whatever it is that you do!

Ben is considered a leader in his industry and is on a mission to introduce a new way of thinking and operating to Physiotherapy, and all relative Musculo-Skeletal fields. He is an educator, course creator and is influential across his social media platforms. Ben co-hosts a podcast called ‘Health, Business and In-Between’ which covers all aspects of the clinical and business side of Physiotherapy and Musculo-Skeletal medicine.

Ben Humphris - Founder and Head Physio at Results Based Physio

Ben is very passionate about Musculo-Skeletal medicine, and is a compassionate practitioner as he understands personally what it is like to be crippled by pain, injured and just generally stiff and sore. He takes serious pride in what he does, and this is reflective in his work with his clients – so much so that he named the company ‘Results Based Physiotherapy’ as results and outcomes are the cornerstone of what we do here at RBP. Ben has had additional training in Myotherapy and Remedial Massage, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Exercise Science.

Ben and the team at RBP work with a large network of healthcare professionals that are very passionate and competent in their field of work. Ben and the RBP team employ a collaborative approach when working with our clients as we know this yields the best outcomes – Many hands make light work. Sometimes not one person can fix all, and that teamwork and collaboration are absolutely necessary when it comes to truly helping someone, and solving problems.

Ben Humphris - Founder and Head Physio at Results Based Physio
Ben Humphris - Founder and Head Physio at Results Based Physio

So if you want to see us, please give us a call! Alternatively, if you have not had much luck with other healthcare professionals, and cannot seem to get any answers, or the answers you like, Ben and the team at Results Based Physiotherapy are for you – the business’ reputation isn’t ‘results based’ for nothing.

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