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Results Based Physio - it's in the name

Our story.

What’s in a name? ‘Results Based Physio’ (RBP) is the name we decided on as an introduction to who we are and what we do.


Because it reflects the complexities of our modern society. It’s right on the nose, like this little thing called *science*. Yet it leaves room for the sometimes unconventional ways of getting to the root of an issue.

We call it a flexible culture.

This practice is bigger than the four walls that we operate out of.

Founded by Ben Humphris, a former partner in Humphris Health (an umbrella that hosted multiple practitioners), the value of a collaborative approach to diagnosing and healing the body became abundantly clear. Subsequently, it informed the entire mission for this next step in Physiotherapy: alter the standard and change the direction.

At Results Based Physio we profess that science is a wonderful thing, but we acknowledge that it’s our collective experiences that inform academic learnings. Which is why we put as much emphasis on your body and its unique set of attributes as we do ‘what the book says’.

Forming a new culture within an industry with a reputation for being rigid and stoic is a journey. One that we’re on together. We learnt that ‘by the book’ didn’t always help us connect with our clients. And ultimately– the transparency that comes with trust is what helps us to solve the problems.

Our solution is to use an integrated approach that takes into consideration myotherapy, exercise physiology, chiropractic and chinese medicine. Essentially– we help to maintain healthy bodies and to create conditions suitable for growth, healing and development.

We appreciate tradition, yet recognise that a little bit of rebellion is necessary for growth. We take that same fearlessness and apply it to the exploration of alternative approaches.

Thus creating ‘Results Based Physio’– a culture that is both flexible and comprehensive, to mimic the complexity of the human body.

Our values.


There is nothing that we or our team cannot fix. Essentially, it’s less about reaching a bar because we are the bar. Results Based Physio is the new standard of physiotherapy.

We treat with our hands, and orchestrate with our brain, yet leave a little room for some heart and soul.


We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We follow our gut and stay true to our moral compass, even if it means having uncomfortable conversations with ourselves and others.


Sharing our knowledge is pivotal to breaking down the barriers and raising the standard of care across the industry.

Pioneering Change

We aren’t afraid to question the constructs of
science, and explore where others have not ventured. Instead of shying away from the unconventional, we
embrace it.

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Supporting literature and scientific studies can be found on the References page.