Andres Jackson

Remedial Massage Therapist (AUS)

Remedial Massage Educator & Mentor

Physiotherapist (CHL)

Operating from: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Languages spoken: English, Spanish & French

Andres is a results based Remedial Massage Therapist with a great passion for sports and helping people achieve their highest level of performance in life.

Dedicated to tennis professionally back in his home country Chile, he understands what it takes to submit his mind, soul and body completely.

Andres transfers that experience to all of his clients through his work to optimise individual physical performance, and reduce systemic stress.

  • Dry Needling Certified
  • Fire Cupping Trained
  • Deep Tissue Massage Trained
  • Relaxation Massage Trained
  • Trigger Point Release Therapy Trained
  • Active Release Therapy Trained
  • Scraping / Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue massage (IASTM) Trained
  • Rigid Tape and Kinesio Tape Certified
  • Electro-Dry Needling Trained
  • Joint Mobilisation Trained
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Trained

Over the past year, Andres has worked with various professional teams, and athletes, from the AFL, AFLW and A-League (Women). From this work, he has well rounded experience in treating all sports injuries, and understands what physical, emotional and psychological demands a body can experience.

In Chile, Andres studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), and worked in the musculoskeletal sector, designing, and implementing rehabilitation programs for clients of all ages and stages of life through a hands-on approach.

Since immigrating to Australia in 2018, Andres has completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy. He has a large network of healthcare professionals that he involves very regularly with his clients because he understands not one person can fix all, and that teamwork and collaboration are absolutely necessary when it comes to truly helping someone.

Andres believes that his approach to educating clients on movement quality along with soft tissue release is the perfect combination that can empower clients to perform any type of activity optimally. His philosophy is: “If we can walk confidently and hold our head high without experiencing pain or discomfort, we can see a clearer vision of our path and how to get there.”

Results Based Physio - Mar 24

In his spare time, Andres coaches tennis, and is studying a Performance Specialist course that emphasises the integration of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery.

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