Move better, feel better,live better.

Physiotherapy that gets you back to doing what you love.

Have you been battling with pain?

Perhaps it's time to see a Results Based Physiotherapist.

Here’s what seeing a Results Based Physiotherapist could look like for you:

Get back to pain-free exercise and activities​

Have confidence in your body's ability again

Move better and feel stronger

Start doing the things you love again!

You shouldn’t have to put up with pain.

Hey, Ben here – founder of Results Based Physio.

At RBP we believe that no one should have to live with sore, stiff, weak or injured bodies. You shouldn’t have to live in pain, because pain makes you miserable and stops you from doing the things you want and should be able to do.

Pain holds you back from achieving your goals. It’s debilitating.

But it can be treated, and that’s what we’re here for.

It’s time to take action – book an appointment with a Results Based Physio.

Get started in three steps:

Physiotherapy Services in South Melbourne

Step 1 - take action.

Take action, and book your appointment with one of our experienced physios.

Fire and Vacuum Cupping in South Melbourne: Results Based Physio

Step 2 - assess & treat.

Get the treatment and action plan you need to start moving and feeling better.

Deep Tissue Massage in South Melbourne- Results Based Physio

Step 3 - get back to doing what you love.

Whatever the injury or complaint, we have you covered. We treat with our hands, and orchestrate with our brain, yet leave a little room for some heart and soul.

What you can expect from a session at Results Based Physio:

  • Warm welcome and introduction
  • Generous appointment lengths (starting at 30 minutes)
  • Thorough examination and assessment
  • Thorough explanations and education of the presenting issues
  • Thorough manual therapy treatment using a wide array of methods and tools
  • Transparent and up-front treatment plan which covers when we want to see you, and how many times you need treatment in order to get optimal and fast results (flexible and adjusts as you improve)
  • Advice and referrals to other health professionals when appropriate

The RBP team

99 problems
but physical therapy
ain't one.

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