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Joint and Spinal Adjustments and Manipulations.

Spinal adjustments refers to the manipulation of the joints (vertebrae) within the spinal column. Extremity adjustments refers to the manipulation of joints outside of the spinal column such as the joints of the arms and legs. 

These maneuvers are conducted by our highly trained Physiotherapists as they are considered one of the more riskier types of manual therapy – however these techniques are very safe and have very low risks of adverse events. The technique we use is called ‘High Velocity, Low Amplitude’ (HVLA) which means that the adjustment is done fast but only a small amount of movement is needed at the joint. This technique is often more comfortable and less painful than other types of adjustments. The adjustment is designed to restore alignment of the designated joint through physically shifting the joint towards alignment.


Joint and Spinal Adjustments and Manipulations​.​

The main reason an adjustment is made to the joint is because malalignment or a ‘subluxation’ exists between the bones forming the joint e.g. a vertebral facet joint – an inferior articular surface of a facet joint of a vertebrae above, and the superior articular surface of the vertebrae below form the joint. It is done to restore joint alignment, motion and function of the joint. The joint ‘subluxation’ creates compression (very mild – severe) on the surrounding structures, often nerves, which then will influence the accuracy and speed of the nerve signals of that specific nerve. 

The ‘subluxation’ of the joint also creates a sub-optimal healing environment for the joint – joints are strung together by a number of structures and heal best when in close proximation of each other. By addressing ‘subluxations’ in the spine, the central and peripheral nervous system will function better – the nerve compression or interference will be reduced. By reducing the nerve compression and interference, the nerve will send faster and more accurate signals to the areas in which it communicates with. This allows for the correct message to be received correctly. This is how the body is designed to work.

To find out what these treatments actually do to the body, please read the sections under our Treatment Benefits page.

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Supporting literature and scientific studies can be found on the References page.