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Electro-Dry Needling.

Electro-dry needling is a form of dry needling with an electric current being conducted by the needle. This form of dry needling is very similar to dry needling with the only difference being the electrical stimulation.

Electro Dry Needling at Results Based Physio

The treatment is designed to do everything that a deep tissue massage does, but rather than pressing on the skin (like a massage), the needle is inserted into the dysfunctional muscle tissue / myofascial trigger point – this allows deeper structures to be stimulated and therefore begin their healing process. 

Dry needling creates more of an inflammatory response than most other types of manual therapy in the body, and hence is a great initiator of the healing response via manual therapy.

The addition of electricity amplifies the effects of dry needling on the body, and stimulates faster tissue healing and regeneration. The electrical stimulation signals the cells to migrate to the stimulated area. This promotes cellular migration and greater cellular activity at the site thus enhancing healing capacities and restoration of homeostasis. This technique is safe and performed by our highly trained Physiotherapists at RBP.

To find out what these treatments actually do to the body, please read the sections under our Treatment Benefits page.

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Supporting literature and scientific studies can be found on the References page.